V4 Luxury Massage Chair


V4 luxury massage chair features


1.L Extra Long Track Travel, Covering Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Spine, Waist and Hip

2. Backrest mute simulator manipulator, up and down walking massage;

3, kneading, tapping, patting, finger pressing, kneading, kneading and patting six simulation massage techniques.

4. Set up 6 kinds of automatic intelligent massage modes with multiple functions to make massage more comfortable; 1. Easy massage, 2. Fatigue recovery, 3. Sore improvement, 4. Sleep mode, 5. Comfortable stretching, 6. Health-keeping and leisure.

5. Shoulder, arm, buttock, leg, foot pressure massage function;

6. Backrest heating function

7. Semi-automatic calf telescoping function

8. Finger pressing of sole roller, with foot balloon wrapping and extruding.

9. Zero Gravity Model

10. Mute Work

11. Manual Controller, Easy to Operate


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