V5 Luxury Massage Chair


V5 Luxury Massage Chair 


Main functions:

1. Mute massage chair, low noise design of the whole product, the average noise is usually less than 48dB (A) when used routinely.

2. Slow deep massage, the maximum kneading speed is generally 15 times per minute, so that people can easily fall asleep lying on it.

3. Overall shaped L-shaped super-long guide rail, up to 135 CM, longer massage journey, but also adapt to the taller crowd.

4. Zero gravity comfortable lying position, 0 space 0 against the wall, front smoothing function.

5. Arm convex point airbag massage.

6. Full-wrapped airbag and roller massage on sole of foot;

7. Spring extends and reduces legs.

8. According to the structure characteristics of this massage chair, some unique massage procedures are innovated.

9. Leg Beauty Machine.

10. Breast expander.

11. Special procedures such as stretcher.


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