V6 Luxury Massage Chair


V6 luxury massage chair 

1, Mute massage chair, the entire product low noise design, 

    routine use of average noise usually less than 48 db (A);

2, Slow speed deep massage, kneading speeds are usually in 

   15 times/min, let a person lying on it is very easy to fall asleep.

3, As a whole into type L long guide rail, 135 cm, massage longer trips,

    also adapt to the height is higher.

4, With a new concept of \"zero gravity\" design, set up a set of can 

    walk up and down, super long \"L\" type guideway design, 

    intelligent massage manipulator massage from head to hips.

5, Arm airbag massage, massage with rhythm wave.

6, Sole floating roller massage, strong convex point roller 

    massage foot meridians;

7, Spring telescopic legs, the gasbag structure is adopted to leg massage.

8, Combined with the structure characteristics of massage chair, 

     innovation has some unique massage program, such as: legs, chest

     expansion machine, special procedures such as brace machine


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